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WHOOP x Tinman Band (with Clasp)

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WHOOP is proud to partner with Boulder-based professional running team Tinman Elite. The WHOOP x Tinman Band features a Thunder ProKnit band, white hook and clasp, and the Hammer & Axe logo. 

The Hammer & Axe logo symbolizes the grit, hard work, and consistency necessary for any athlete to improve. It is a commitment to bring out the best in yourself and the best in each other, no matter how difficult. 

Be a part of the Tinman crew with the WHOOP x Tinman Band.

WHOOP Strap 3.0 and membership not included. Visit and sign up for a membership today!

ProKnit Sizing Guide
ProKnit bands and kits are all one size. The length of the band is 9.5 in/24 cm.
ProKnit Kit Material

Band: 59% polyamide, 35% polyester, 6% elastane

Clasp: Aluminum

Hook: Stainless Steel

ProKnit Washing Instructions
Hand wash with gentle soap in cold water. Air dry only.